Hero investigation Golunova got rid of the business in Russia


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One of the heroes of the investigation of Ivan Golunova about the possible links of the funeral business with the city of Moscow Department of the FSB of Russia got rid of the business assets in the country, writes “Medusa”, citing data from the SPARK database.

We are talking about 19-year-old Yegor Mazaraki, the son of Leo and Anastasia Mazaraki and nephew Valerian Mazaraki, first Deputy head of the municipality of Moscow GBU “Ritual”.

In the investigation Golunova said that the market of ritual services in Moscow and the Moscow region controlled by people close to the head of the Moscow Department of the FSB Alexei Dorofeev, his assistant Marat Medoeva and family of brothers Leo and Valerian Mazaraki.

According to SPARK, before the publication of the investigation Mazaraki, Jr. fully or partially owned by eight companies: LLC “Blacksmith”, “Jagger”, and “Gipsy”, “gubi”, “Cool”, “mercury”, “Restoreup” and “Treydkom”. 10 days later after the article he began to dispose of these assets.

Three dozen Russian and foreign publications of July 1, published an investigation Golunova, on which he worked before his arrest. In an article titled “Who owns the Moscow cemeteries” by the journalist and his colleagues talk about how control of the Metropolitan funeral market has moved from people from Khimki to the businessmen of the Stavropol region.

Golunov was detained in Moscow on 6 June. He was charged with attempted sale of drugs and sent under house arrest. Reporter linked persecution with his professional activities. Tests showed no illegal substances in the body of the journalist, and swabs from hands — what to do with the drugs he would not touch.

Gross violations during the arrest of the journalist has caused a public outcry: the building of the main Department of MIA in Moscow, activists gathered to demand the release of Golunova. 11 June the head of the Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced the closure of the case, the reporter was released the same day.

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