Israel started to destroy Palestinian homes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Abed Al Hashlamoun / EPA

The Israeli authorities began demolishing the houses of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. On July 22 Reuters reported.

We are talking about a cluster of 10 buildings located along the barrier that separates the West Bank of the Jordan river. Litigation about their status was in the last few years — and in the end, the Israeli authorities declared the house illegal squatter.

Bulldozers and other equipment entered the village of sur Baher on the edge of town, accompanied by hundreds of policemen and soldiers of Israel. According to employees of the UN, after the demolition of the first homes your home has lost 17 of the Palestinians.

Homeowners are outraged — they received the building permit from the authorities of the Palestinian national authority. The Jewish state considers that the existence of these buildings poses a threat to security, as they are too close to the barrier. This gives reason to fear for their property to anyone who lives close to the 703 km-long border facilities.

The Israeli action was condemned by the international community — the UN demanded an end to the destruction of Palestinian homes in the territory, which most countries consider occupied.

The West Bank of the Jordan river — a disputed region, with Gaza constituting partially recognized Arab state of Palestine. After the six day war in 1967, Israel occupied part of the territory and started to build on it Jewish settlements. Now his forces are in full control more than 60 percent of the area. 83 percent of the population of the West Bank Arabs, 17 percent Jewish.

After the next terrorist attack in 2003, the Israeli authorities decided to isolate Palestinian territory dividing fence with a length of 700 kilometers. Barrier, the construction of which the international court of justice considers a violation of international law, intended to protect Jews from attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

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