It’s a new deadly heat wave


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North-West Europe collapsed, a new wave of hot air, which can raise the temperature of the air in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands to record levels. This publication reports Bloomberg.

According to Andreas Friedrich (Andreas Friedrich), representative of the German meteorological service Deutscher Wetterdienst, the expected heat, which is one of the strongest in recent years. At the end of this week will increase the risk of wildfires in most parts of the country. The air temperature 10 degrees to be above average for July. In London the July record (36.7 degrees Celsius) is likely to be beaten on Thursday, July 25th, and Paris on the same day will warm up to 40 degrees.

According to the press-Secretary of the Meteorological service of great Britain, in 2003 in Faversham (Kent, England) set a July record at 38.5 degrees Celsius, but it can also be beaten. According to researchers, such heat waves will happen 30 percent more often than in pre-industrial times.

The reason for frequent cases heat are high pressure systems that prevent the coming of the wet Atlantic masses to the land, they suck in warm, dry air from the South.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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