Metallica was criticized for poor performance of “blood Group”


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Singer and former sound producer of group “Cinema” Alex cherry criticized the performance of the group Metallica during the concert in “Luzhniki” performed the song “blood” Viktor Tsoi. About it reports “360” on Monday, July 22.

“Once behind the scenes, someone he [bassist Robert Trujillo] showed it. This is not work. There is nothing difficult,” — said the musician.

In his opinion, “nothing good” from the members of Metallica did not. However, cherry noted that he was pleased to hear how American metalheads like to sing a song in Russian. “I really like the idea,” he explained.

21 July in the Internet appeared the video in which Metallica performed the song “blood” in Russian. In the video you can see how the musicians singing along to all the many thousands stadium. Later in the network merged and a cheat sheet with the text, which was sung by members of the group.

Metallica performed in Moscow as part of her tour WorldWiredTour. Last year the group celebrated its 37th anniversary. The total number of albums Metallica has exceeded 100 million copies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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