Monkeys to look in the mirror like men and took it


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Monkeys of the Thai zoo first received the mirror and began to look on him as people. About it writes Daily Mail.

Tourist from owner was showing its mirror family of monkeys, consisting of a mother with several cubs. Animals are so fascinated with their own reflections that he did not notice the approach of a dominant monkey in the back, and then abruptly ran away from him. He chose the mirror at the person to use it, and did not return.

A zoo visitor said that the monkeys almost took away his reading glasses. This happened with two other travelers.

Previously, on 15 July, the visitors to the Beijing zoo Panda threw large rocks trying to get her to move. A witness filmed them on video and posted it on social network Weibo. The administration of the zoo says that the Panda was not injured.

Monkeys are one of the few animals who recognize themselves in the mirror along with people, dolphins, magpies and elephants. This ability is considered an indicator of advanced intelligence and is used in scientific research since 1970.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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