Moon ship USA Orion was ready


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Reusable space ship Orion for a mission Artemis-1 is ready, according to NASA.

The U.S. space Agency indicates that the installation of the aircraft in the head part of heavy missiles SLS (Space Launch System) will be preceded by the integration of its habitable and service modules, and providing thermal protection.

The launch of the mission of the Artemis-1, suggesting the start of the bundles of Orion and SLS, in which the spacecraft in an unmanned mode will make a flyby of the moon, planned for 2020.

In July, in an interview with CBS News Vice President Mike Pence announced that the American lunar program involves the continuous presence of astronauts on the Earth’s satellite.

In the same month, NASA successfully conducted the second test launch of the Orion.

The first test launch of Orion (unmanned) took place in December 2014, when the manned capsule away from the Earth at a distance of 5.8 thousand kilometers and crossed the radiation belt (van Allen belt) of the planet.

The reusable spacecraft Orion, designed for manned missions into deep space (to the moon and Mars), created by the American company Lockheed Martin. The total mass of Orion exceeds 20 tons, the height of the cargo module conical shape — more than three meters, a base diameter of about five meters. Orion is able to carry up to six astronauts. Unmanned lunar flyby spacecraft is scheduled for 2020. The launch vehicle Orion will perform Boeing created the super-heavy rocket, the SLS.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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