Named the most ridiculous posthumous inscriptions on the graves of Russians



The Russians often use ridiculous phrases to compile epitaphs on the graves of deceased relatives. About it in interview to “Moscow Komsomolets” said the specialist in the posthumous poems Veronica Mironov.

According to her, relatives of the dead rarely go to professional poets for epitaphs. From the graves you can meet strange inscriptions without meaning, and punctuation. Also on the tombstones are sometimes used lines from popular songs.

“Popular lines from Shevchuk’s song “Last fall”, people love Tsoi and Vladimir Vysotsky, prefer songs from Soviet films. I recently saw a line from the song Alena’s Ipinoy: “Leh, me without you so bad!”” — said Mironov.

The most popular phrase is “somebody to love”. Among the most universal phrases as “Mom (or dad) never dies, just to be near stops”, “How much of our went with you, how much your stayed with us” “Eternal memory of you will remain forever in our hearts”, “the one who dear was in life, from those who remember and mourn”, “impossible to Forget, impossible to return”. These phrases occur at every fifth monument, said the author.

The strangest monuments it is called a gravestone in the form of iPhone with the Apple logo on the back. “Once I came across the monuments in the form of monitors, computers, keyboards, and even one where instead of a portrait was painted the same dog, meaning that the VK account is banned, with the epitaph in a single word — offline”, — said Mironov.

In 2007, the national archive of memorial inscriptions of Britain held a competition for the most unusual inscription on the tomb. The winner was the epitaph on the tombstone of a certain Sarah Johnson, a resident of Loughborough (Loughborough), who died in 1819 from dropsy. On the tombstone in detail the process of treatment of women with names of doctors and procedures carried out by them.

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