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China will be able to place its military base in Cambodia on a secret agreement between the two countries. This was reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing American officials.

According to them, the document was adopted in the spring. He gives the army the exclusive right to use the naval base Ream in the Gulf of Thailand for 30 years. After that every 10 years the agreement is automatically extended. The facility is planned to be used for placing military, weapons storage and Parking of vehicles.

As noted, so China will get the first naval Outpost in Southeast Asia. This ultimately can lead to a change in the balance of forces in the region.

At the same time as Beijing and Phnom Penh such data is denied. “This is the worst ever fictional news in the case of Cambodia,” said Prime Minister Hun sen, reports Reuters. According to him, is impossible in principle, because the stationing of foreign military bases contrary to the Constitution. The representative of the Ministry of defense of Cambodia also indicated that the material was “invented and not unfounded”.

The Chinese foreign Ministry representative Geng Shuang, in turn, noted that countries are traditionally friendly neighbors. According to him, cooperation is proceeding in various fields, it is transparent and equitable. “I hope some countries will not overestimate his level,” — said the diplomat.

In January it was reported about the visit of Chinese warships in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville on the background of rumors about the plans of Beijing to build a naval base in Cambodia. Then this assumption is also disproved.

At the same time, it was noted that China remains the biggest investor in the Cambodian economy as well as supporting the government of Cambodia support in the political sphere. In exchange for help in Phnom Penh is on the side of Beijing on territorial disputes in the South China sea.

Islands in the South China sea are the subject of a territorial dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam. Most tense is the situation around the Scarborough reef, also South of the Spratly archipelago, which is believed rich in oil and gas. Cambodia, in turn interests in the South China sea has not.

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