Six simple tips “how to keep a man” angered women


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Entrepreneur Richard Cooper (Richard Cooper) from Canada came under a barrage of criticism on Twitter after gave women six simple tips on how to keep a man.

According to Cooper, who calls himself a possessor of knowledge about “the harsh truth in life, business and women” to keep a man, a woman should be able to cook, have long hair, do makeup and manicures and have other attributes of femininity. It should not “grumble over nothing” and be burdened with any debt. In addition, a woman does not have to be a single mother, but must also know how to please a man in bed.

The tweet collected more than 8,7 thousand comments, some have criticized Cooper in the consumer attitude towards women, it’s called sexist and misogynist. In the comments under the entry, the women began to dispel the views of the author write about relationships between a man and a woman.

“Allow me to shatter your fragile ego. My husband Does 90 percent of preparations. Married me when I was a single mother; my adopted son. I have a short haircut. We have loans/total debts. And Yes, we like each other,” wrote microblogger BitchKitty.

Women suggested that a consumer’s attitude to the opposite sex is dictated by the complexes and failures adviser in his personal life. “Maybe you didn’t find what you want because no one is trying to keep you, Richard” — addressed to the author one of them.

Users began to Troll Cooper. “I think all single moms should just abandon their children because rich says so,” joked Allison Floyd (Floyd, Allison). “How to stay a single guy to tweet such stupid shit like this”, — concluded Julia peacock (Julia Peacock). Her answer was supported by two thousand people.

In the comments under the tweet some men apologized for the words of Cooper. One of them noted that today, “our most powerful women leaders”.

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