The boy found written 50 years ago a message in a bottle


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Aussie found in sand message in a bottle, written 50 years ago a boy from the UK. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

Briton Paul Gilmore (Paul Gilmore), who at that time was 13 years old, sailed with his family on a cruise ship in the English city of Southampton, Hampshire, Melbourne, Australia. The boy decided to have a pen PAL and wrote a letter. In it he introduced themselves and stated the address to which you can respond.

17 Nov 1969, Gilmore put a note in a glass bottle from under Coca-Cola and dumped in the Indian ocean. 50 years later, 13-year-old Gia Elliott (Elliott Jyah) from Australia went with her father on a fishing trip and noticed in the sand is an unusual bottle with a message. Presumably, the discovery had come all the way to 3.7 thousand kilometers before falling into the hands of the boy.

Family Elliott told about the incident in social networks, to contact the author of the letter to Gilmore. After that the ABC journalists had joined the search and were able to communicate with his sister Annie CROSSLAND (Annie Crossland). The woman said that brother will be glad to know that his letter is finally found. According to her, the Gilmore currently travels across the Baltic States.

“In fact, he threw into the water about six such letters — remembered CROSSLAND who was also on the ship. — It’s great that at least one of them survived”.

Earlier in July it was reported that the family from Britain while on holiday in Spain dropped in the sea a message in a bottle. The letter allegedly came a long way on the water and ended up in the Moscow river. It found Muscovites Sasha and Alex.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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