The bride and the witness shamed in the network for inappropriate wedding attire


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home “Wedding Shaming” in Facebook

Social media users blasted the inappropriate outfit anonymous bride, in which she appeared at the wedding ceremony. It is reported by The Sun.

In the popular Facebook community, users regularly make fun of wedding curiosities, there was a photo of a girl in a white dress on which tightened the black corset. Moreover, in the photo she is wearing black sandals-flip-flops and holding a cigarette.

Next to the bride in the picture captured her friend. She poses in a corset like harness, to the strap which fastened the cuffs in tight jeans and black high boots. “This is a photo from a real wedding, not a bachelorette party. To the right is the bride, and left a witness. And Yes, it’s the handcuffs,” reads the description for publication.

Members of the group felt that the appearance of girls is unacceptable for such a solemn event. “I don’t know whether this corset made of duct tape or trash bag,” he horrified one of them in the comments. “Slates — what a shame,” added another. “She had to be sure that they match her black corset” — taunted the third. “The handcuffs brought her outfit to a new level. She knows a lot about accessories”, — joked the fourth on the clothes of the witness. “The witness was going on a fishing trip after the wedding?” — asked another commentators.

Earlier in July, netizens criticized the guest of the wedding like lingerie dress that she was going to come to the celebration. We are talking about the satin dress combined with leopard print. “It’s not white, but still looks like underwear” — shared the opinion of commentators.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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