The chief-the editor “Let them talk” died at age 29


www.vsyako.netDenis Konovalove:

Died chief editor of the talk show “Let them talk” Denis Konovalov. This was reported in the First channel, which broadcasts the program. Entry available on the website of the channel.

Cause of death not reported. Konovalov was 29 years old, he left wife and son.

Wife Alina Konovalova worked with her husband on personalinis talk show. According to her, the husband has always dreamed of becoming the chief editor of “Let them talk” and as a result have achieved this.

“It is for each program experienced. He every night. He was worried, he himself, despite the fact that he is chief-editor always did everything. And heroes called, and not shy of any work. He could spend the night with the hero in the hotel — whatever he did, his whole soul was there,” — said Konovalov.

Konovalov comes from Kuzbass. Before to get on TV, he worked for four years as a miner. According to colleagues of the television, he is most loved programs in which someone was able to help. “This is a program where people meet each other, people long ago lost, there, mother with daughter, father with son, sister with brother. Here he was very fond of such programs,” — said a colleague of Konovalov on “Let them talk” Oksana Shmeleva.

“Let them talk” goes on the First channel from August 2005. Until the fall of 2017, a leading talk show was Andrey Malakhov. After his departure on “Russia 1”, the program began to Dmitry Borisov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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