The girl poured a white outfit with a red wine and came up with a way to conceal blemishes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @MiaWiliamson_

The British poured red wine white suit at the event and came up with a way to get out of the situation. This reports the Metro.

The incident occurred with Eleanor Walton on Ripon races in Ripon, England. After the white cloth has appeared a few pink spots, Walton along with resourceful friends decided to take a little more wine and to paint the suit as a whole.

“My girls soaked jumpsuit in the sink, and now it is red,” shared Walton and added that the girls needed four glasses of wine. Until girlfriend “painted” the clothes, the Briton had to sit naked on the toilet and hope something will work.

After the costume become a uniform pink tone, girlfriends dry it in the dryer for hands. The whole process took two hours. In the end, Walton put on a “new” pink jumpsuit and continued to watch the race.

In June 2018, the bride shared a convenient way to go to the bathroom in a magnificent wedding gown. Instead of helping a few friends she used blue bag IKEA. The woman made a hole in the bag and wore it as a skirt, placing inside the long hem of her dress.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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