The man used the cream for hair removal in the intimate area and became famous


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the advertisement of Veet cream on YouTube

Andrew Chapple (Andrew Chappell) have applied the cream for depilation of the skin underarms, back, chest and legs in the intimate area and regretted. According to the man, he wanted to rid this area from the hair to please on the birthday of his wife, however, the procedure turned their night into a nightmare.

In the opinion of men under the cream on Amazon drew the attention of the British business coach Helen Ayres (Helen Ayres). It was published back in 2012, but still did not attract wide attention. The story of Chapple forced a woman to remember how once she used menthol tissues from nasal congestion as toilet paper.

The author of the review on Amazon said that he had decided on waxing after he said his “privates look like an elderly Rastafarian”. “Being a bit of a romantic, I decided that I would do it in birthday of the wife” — began the experimenter.

Waiting until the wife is ready to sleep, he hinted at a surprise and went to the bathroom. He struck on intimate area cream and began to wait for the effect. At first he felt the heat, which is soon replaced by an intense tingling.

“Before that night, religion meant little in my life, but suddenly I wanted to refer to any God, just to stop the severe burning” — indignant hero.

Chapple tried to cope with the situation. He slipped into the kitchen looking for anything that can cool the skin in an intimate place. For this he used came to hand a jar of ice cream and frozen Brussels sprouts, which he unsuccessfully tried to hold between the buttocks. Tool leaked into the gut, which further aggravated the situation.

The sounds in the kitchen came the wife. “She caught the following scene: I am butt up and strawberry ice cream dripping from my bell, pushes a piece of frozen cabbage up your ass and mutter, “Oh, that feels so good”,” — described the moment a victim.

The climax was that one of kochanchikov with a speed burst and hit the birthday girl. “To sum it up, Veet removes hair, dignity and self-respect”, — concluded the author of the post.

As it turned out, the hero of the story didn’t read the instructions to the cream, which was emphasized that the tool is contraindicated for use on delicate intimate parts of the body.

Opinion seven years ago funny users. In the comments under the post, one of mikroblogerov noted that during the reading he became hysterical, which he could not relieve.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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