The member of “Russian Union of Latvia” were threatened with jail time for a post about the Soviet Union


www.vsyako.netAlexander Filephoto: page Alexander Sirloin in Facebook

In respect of the Board member of “Russian Union of Latvia” and organizer of “Total dictation” in this country, Alexander Sirloin prosecuted because of his post in Facebook. About it reports Delfi.

Proceedings were launched after a member of the party “a New unity” Dmitry Golubev, who in the last election tried to get elected a Deputy to the European Parliament, submitted a statement to the state security Service of Ukraine (GBS). The case was initiated under article 74.1 of the Criminal law of the country about the justification of genocide and war crimes, crimes against humanity, Latvia and its people.

The reason for the initiation of criminal proceedings has ordered the Sirloin in Facebook where social activist congratulated the people of Latvia on the anniversary of 17 June 1940, the date when “the Soviet army liberated Latvia from the dictatorial regime.”

In his message Sirloin wrote that the Baltic Republic was “not against the become Soviet” because the labor movement in the country was “powerful and detailed”.” Soon over all official institutions triumphantly hoisted the bright red flag, familiar to many Latvian revolutionaries since the first quarter of the last century. Under the red flag (and not any other) forged the major victories of the Latvian weapons,” he wrote.

“Russian Union of Latvia” has promised to provide its members with legal assistance.

In 2014, the Saeima has established criminal liability for “public denial, justification and gross trivialisation of the aggression of USSR or Nazi Germany against the Republic of Latvia”. The punishment for Holocaust denial and other crimes against humanity. Violators of this law can be sentenced to five years imprisonment or to performing forced labor and the payment of fines.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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