The pirates attacked the ship and stole sailors shoes


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Pirate attack Monday, July 22, on a cargo ship from South Korea. This was announced by the Ministry of oceans and fisheries of the country, reports Yonhap.

The incident occurred about 180 kilometers from the Singapore Strait. The pirates early in the morning was attacked with firearms and other weapons on the ship CK Bluebell sailing under the flag of South Korea. All of the attackers were seven, they wielded on Board about half an hour.

As noted, pirates profited approximately 13 thousands of dollars, which were the crew. In addition, they took some personal belongings, including mobile phones, clothes and shoes. In the attack there were no casualties, however some of the 22 sailors suffered minor injuries like bruises during a confrontation between the attackers.

The Ministry noted that it is usually followed by cargo ships with a speed below 15 knots (about 28 kilometres per hour). However, the pirates caught up with the ship on a high-speed boat, which was sailing much faster.

CK Bluebell should be in South Korea’s Incheon from Brazil. Despite the attack, he continued on his way. After the incident, all Korean vessels in the region were informed, the crews were asked to be alert.

Reuters notes that the Singapore Strait is an extremely busy sea route. The pirate activity in this region in recent years are increasingly rare due to increased security.

In January, pirates have kidnapped Russian citizens in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Benin. To release them was possible in a month.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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