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Valuables Margaret Thatcher, first woman Prime Minister of great Britain, put up for sale nearly 30 thousand pounds. About it writes Daily Mail.

Originally, they were sold immediately after her death in 2013, the collector, and now he decided to put them back on the market.

Among the things there is the Bible, which was donated by Thatcher’s spiritual organisation “the Dean and canons of Windsor” in 1995 in honor of award Noble order of the Garter (the highest chivalric order in the UK). It is planned that it will be sold for 10 thousand pounds.

A hymnbook Thatcher, whose father was a Methodist priest, was handed to her on a post of the Prime Minister in 1989 and is estimated at 3.6 thousand pounds.

In addition, the auction will be presented to her unique outfits, including a suit of dark-blue color, consisting of silk shirts and wool skirts, from Francois Neckar Couture of London, where she constantly appeared in public in the 1980-ies. Want to sell for 2.4 thousand pounds.

Among other things, buyers will be able to compete for the wool winter coat from Aquasculum of London, waterproof boots with faux fur, oak chair from her house in Belgravia, a purse and a porcelain tea set.

Earlier this year, were sold at the auction lot 192, consisting of personal belongings of Margaret Thatcher, which she enjoyed in the service.

Margaret Thatcher ― Prime Minister of great Britain in 1979-1990, respectively, and the first woman to hold this post, and also the first woman who became Prime Minister of a European state. It is known by the nickname “iron lady”.

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