A drug dealer tried to buy his freedom from the judge for a million rubles


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

The judge of Kuzminsky court of Moscow Ruslan Kubaev was going to receive one million rubles from the defendant in the attempted sale of drugs by name liquid. About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, on the eve of consideration by the judge of the petition of the investigation about the election of a preventive measure Jidkova his lawyer Natalia Vasilchikov who find themselves familiar Jacobaea, offered him a bribe. The consequence considers that the judge was the promised one million roubles, if he will send the accused under house arrest, not in jail, as he wanted the investigator.

The first 200 thousand roubles, the lawyer reported Kubaeva half an hour after making the necessary decisions in his or her office in the building of Kuzminsky court.

The next day the Jews made a statement to the judge at the FSB, and there decided to conduct an operational experiment to take Jacobaea red-handed with the subsequent transfer of money. The lawyer also agreed to cooperate with the secret services. Under their control late in the evening of March 14, Vasilchikov came into his Lexus in the suburban village Podgorecki, where the judge’s house, and gave him in salon of the car of 300 thousand rubles marked with the drug “Mascara-7”.

Five days after receiving a bribe the FSB came home to Kubaeva and seized marked bills. Some of them were found in his wallet.

The judge partially admitted his guilt. In April, he resigned at his own request.

On 16 July the Moscow qualification Board of judges has agreed to criminal case against Jacobaea.

On 21 March it was reported about the arrest of the FSB Federal judge of Kuzminsky court of Moscow of Ruslan Jacobaea in the workplace. The fact of receiving a bribe was recorded on March 20.

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