Buyers struck the female body without photoshop in advertising underwear


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @oysho

Spanish lingerie brand Oysho has published a promotional photograph with neotremontirovannyh the bodies of models and impressed buyers. The campaign appeared in the Instagram account of the brand on Monday, July 22.

In shooting took part three women in nudemom lace lingerie. One of them is the black model with a curvaceous figure, with the flaws of the skin on the thighs, and the third is pregnant. Subscribers Oysho happy that photographers did not edit the pictures, and the company has demonstrated the natural beauty of the models.

“A natural beauty. That’s fine,” said one of them. “Real women! In the photos there is no photoshop, and that’s what makes them so beautiful,” said another commentators. “Congratulations! Real women with real bodies! Thank you, that showed that every one of us deserves sexy underwear, and that ordinary women can become models brands,” thanked the third.

In June, the British brand Rose Ivory, which specializiruetsya on underwear for the ladies with curvaceous, also released bodypositive campaign to show “real” female body. The photo shoot took women with different types of shapes and skin flaws. Each of them was a set of Lacy lingerie from the range of Ivory Rose. Not one photograph was retouched before publication: on the bodies of models visible stretch marks and cellulite.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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