Called ways to avoid losing your suitcase at the airport


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Our experts travel OneTwoTrip gave advice on how to avoid the loss of Luggage at the airport. This is stated in the press release received at the disposal “of the”.

According to the survey, every fifth traveler at least once in life couldn’t find their Luggage on arrival. Thus in 20% of cases lost Luggage back and could not. To avoid trouble, in OneTwoTrip suggest you to purchase insurance to verify the information on the Luggage tag without departing from the reception, and the time to remove labels from previous flights. In addition, if you have a transfer flight, it is necessary to clarify, flying the Luggage to the end point or would it have to get and to pass again at the connecting airport.

Sometimes confusion with the Luggage can happen after arrival in the airport. So, 11 percent of respondents who took part in the survey admitted that the accident took away from tape, someone else’s Luggage. In the opposite situation has taken 10 percent of travelers. To avoid these errors, it is recommended to verify the name on the Luggage label on the tape. You can also highlight your suitcase with the help of vivid case, ribbons or stickers indicating their contact details.

If you find a suitcase fails, you need to contact the Department of Lost & Found at the airport. In search of his employees have three weeks. If during this time the Luggage is not found, the airline must reimburse the passenger for the damage.

In July it became known that on 19 August in Russia changed rules of transportation of certain products in Luggage across the border. Limits are set for individuals for the importation of regulated products. In particular, in Luggage and carry-on baggage passengers can bring into the country five kilos of fruits and vegetables. For larger amounts you will need to obtain a phytosanitary certificate.

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