Cat fell from the 18th floor and escaped with scratches


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

In the English city of Southampton, Hampshire, a house cat named Jaffa cake (Jaffa Cake) fell from a height of 55 meters and survived. About it reports The Mirror.

21-year-old Carly Burke (Burke Carley) could not find a Jaff cake in the apartment located on the 18th floor. Then she remembered that the last time you saw the pet on the sill of the open window. The hostess looked out into the street noticed a cat on the pavement near the house and immediately took her to the veterinary clinic. According to her, Jaffa cake swollen face, and she coughed up blood.

Burke had to leave the animal doctors at night. “I was so nervous, she never climbed on the window,” she said. The next morning the woman came to the clinic, expecting to hear bad news. “But I was told that my cat is in order, explained the owner. — It’s just incredible. We are all so surprised: she was not even fractures”.

The vet Cozens Victoria (Victoria Couzens) confirmed that the clinic staff was surprised by the incident. “Amazingly, she escaped with minor scrapes, said Couzens. Never heard of a cat dropped from a decent height and remained unharmed. This is truly a unique cat.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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