Caught was operating through Tinder rapist


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Australian police caught a man who, using false information about themselves, met the girls through the Dating app Tinder and had committed violent acts. As reports, in present he is in custody and awaits sentencing.

According to the prosecution, living in Australia, 33-year-old Barefoot Ratu (Ratu Bose) lied to their victims, posing as a former French soldier and sniper. From April 2016 to January 2017, the year he met with a few girls through Tinder, committing three rapes and one assault.

The man tried to gain the trust of victims to get to their house. In the court documents stated that one of the rapist’s victims ran out of their own homes naked, sat in the car and went to a friend for help. Barefoot also blackmailed one of the girls after she went to the police.

The judge of the County court of Victoria Trevor Wright (Trevor Wright) reported that the accused had not pleaded guilty and insisted on his innocence.

BOS immigrated to Australia from Fiji in childhood, when I was in school. The defendant is detained, the court will announce the final verdict on August 1.

In April of this year, another woman said that he had met on Tinder a man who’s a rapist. From death it was rescued by the emergency mobile app.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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