Death Dadasheva called the harsh truth of Boxing


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Former Russian boxer Denis Lebedev has commented on the death of Maxim Dadasheva from the received during a fight with injuries. His words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Lebedev called the death Dadasheva reality of the profession. “Every boxer went into the ring, can finish as Dadashov. And this is the harsh truth of our sport”, he said.

According to the ex-boxer, Latin American style of Boxing is violence. “It’s a grinder in the truest sense of the word. Each hit to any part of the body is a bruise, a bump. For them the General price of life — a penny. They come in last,” he said.

On the death Dadashova was known earlier, on July 23. He died at the American hospital. His friend said that the 28-year-old boxer could not stand the heart.

The athlete was hospitalized after the defeat in the battle with Zabiela Mathias held on 20 July. The fight was stopped in the 11th round by the initiative of the coach of the Russian. Boxer had surgery and removed part of the skull. Some time later, he was put into a medically induced coma.

Dadashov made his debut in professional Boxing in 2016. Before the match against Mathias, he did not lost even once, winning 13 consecutive victories.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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