Detained have “mined” Putin’s motorcade


www.vsyako.netFrame: Maria Teploukhova / YouTube

In Yekaterinburg on 10 July detained two people who put a fake bomb on the route of the motorcade of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who came to town the day before. It is reported

One of the detainees name is Michael Tracom, he was 19 years old. On the second known that he works as a janitor and was cleaning the yard near the route of the motorcade. “The boys sat, drank and decided to check — what happens if…” — said a source in law enforcement agencies.

A suspicious package was found on the street Machine for 15 minutes before it was to pass the President. She was tied with a red ribbon, inside was wrapped in blue duct tape, a bottle, a box of rocks and protruding wires, taped with red tape. Externally, a “dummy” looked like a real bomb.

The intruders figured out thanks to surveillance cameras. They were local residents, previous convictions, told the press-Secretary of the Moi of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Colonel Valery Burnt. “Themselves “heroes” said in the interrogation that he wanted to see how quickly the security forces will react”, — he said, adding that no threat object are not represented, “it was just a bad joke”.

In the local district court said that Trachom the detainee was previously convicted for theft and deliberate damage of another’s property. Now he is free. Conducted investigation verification.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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