Eight-year-old boy six years lived with a needle in the neck


www.vsyako.netPhoto: KanKanXinWen / Weibo

In the Chinese province of Henan eight-year-old boy about six years he lived with the fragments of the needle in the neck. It is reported by news portal AsiaOne.

The child’s grandfather noticed that his grandson is suffering from lack of agility and frequent falls, but chalked it up to lack of calcium in the body. When the boy began to frequently complain of acute neck pain, the family took him to the hospital.

Computed tomography showed that in the spinal canal of the patient had two small metal object, and another one in the trachea.

Neurosurgeon Li Tao warned the family that in case of delay, their child could be paralyzed. He also explained that portions of the needles were pretty close to the windpipe and arteries, and the operation was carried out under great risk.

7 July during a seven-hour operation, surgeons managed to extract the needle from the neck of the boy. The patient is in rehabilitation. Parents are unable to find an explanation of how 5-centimeter sewing needle was in the body of the child.

In 2018, it was reported that in lung resident of the Chinese province of Shandong found a pen cap that she swallowed 40 years ago. Chinese woman claims that she accidentally swallowed it in nine years when I was playing with a neighbor’s party at school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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