Fiancee was told off for paid admission to the wedding for the fabulous price


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The bride asked that wedding guests give 10 thousand pounds ($786 thousand) per person to attend the event. According to the Daily Mirror, it said the nurse preparing for marriage women.

According to relatives, they are not close with your sister, sometimes only communicate on messenger. In his post on Mumsnet, she reported that she received a wedding invitation, in which it was asked to go to her husband and child. However, with each of them demanded 10 thousand pounds.

The ceremony scheduled to be held in the Caribbean. The couple refused the offer parents to pay for the wedding, considering it wrong to take from loved ones such a large amount.

The bride’s sister noted that the relative does not make much money, but the spouse gets a lot of money at work so they can afford a wedding. She asked Council whether will do, if you finally refuse to participate in the event. Many users were supportive of her decision, noting that such an invitation is not a summons, and the money is better spent on more useful purposes.

Earlier the wearer Facebook said it paid $ 125 (almost eight thousand) for attending wedding ceremony. After she complained about the poor organization of the event.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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