Found a mysterious ancient ship


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Swedish archaeologists have announced the discovery of the ancient vessel on the bottom of the Baltic sea, which was built in the late XV or early XVI century. The ship is well preserved and has on its Board a tender boat, which serves for the landing teams ashore. This publication reports Science Alert.

In 2009 researchers first recorded using sonar unknown object, sank at a depth of 140 meters. However, only a decade later, it became clear that it was a wreck when a test was conducted of the seabed for the laying of the pipeline. For a more thorough examination of the sunken ship, the scientists used remote-controlled machines for photogrammetric mapping and creation of three-dimensional models of high resolution.

It turned out that the length of the ship up to 16-18 meters. The experts noted good preservation of the hull, masts, rigging, and tender. Also undamaged was the bowsprit, decorative part of the stern, capstan and pumps for pumping water from the hold. The reason for such preservation are cold and oxygen-poor water of the Baltic sea.

According to scientists, this is probably the most ancient sunken ship in the Baltic sea. He has no name, and the origin of the vessel remains unknown, since no information on other similar ships of that time. In addition, underwater archaeologists found the apparent cause of the shipwreck.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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