Kyrgyzstan evacuated people from the armed conflict with Tajikistan


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Kyrgyz authorities evacuated more than 300 people from the border village of AK-SAI. It happened after another border conflict with Tajikistan, in which a man died. About this on his page in Facebook said the organization “red Crescent” with reference to data of the Ministry of emergency situations of Kyrgyzstan.

The villagers were moved to the town of Batken. Mostly women and children. They will remain evacuated until the situation on the border.

The conflict broke out on July 22, according to the interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan. The reason was the desire of the inhabitants of the village of Vorukh — Tajik exclave in Kyrgyzstan is to install flagpoles at the spot where formerly stood a plaque with the inscription AK-SAI.

The actions of the Tajik angered the Kyrgyz, resulting in a scuffle, in the course went stones and firearms. The Kyrgyz side reported 14 injured, including policemen and border guards. In addition, as a result of clashes killed 52-year-old teacher of Tajik rural school, who was shot in the eye, says “Radio Ozodi”.

The interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan said that at the moment the situation is stable. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated, according to the publication, however, what article and who is involved, is not specified.

Earlier border conflict between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan took place in may in the area of the Kyrgyz village of Qara Bagh. The reason for the dispute was located on the territory of Tajikistan cemetery in which residents of the Kyrgyz village wanted to hold a memorial service. The conflict was resolved through the joint efforts of border guards of both countries.

The length of the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan is 976 kilometers, however, only 504 of them had been delimited and demarcated. The problem exacerbates the presence on the territory of the two countries exclaves, which also includes the village of Vorukh. On not demarcated sections of the border there are often conflicts over land, water, illegal border crossings and inter-ethnic differences. During the conflicts in the course are stones, sometimes the incident escalated into armed confrontation.

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