Man looking for girl in Tinder and came across a profile of the wife


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A Reddit user told the community that being married has set the Dating app Tinder and found a profile of his wife. 32-year-old man asked for advice users.

According to him, they have 29-year-old wife, there is no agreement about an open relationship or the opportunity to meet with other partners. “We met on Tinder three years ago, quickly fell in love, moved in together and got married. We have been married for over 14 months and quite happy,” — said the user.

The man said that he first installed the app a month ago, out of loneliness, while his wife was in a business trip for a week. “I don’t even know why, I didn’t have any intentions, but I did” — he said, explaining that was soon deleted the app and that no conversations or meetings did not happen.

During the last trip he re-installed Tinder, but this time he saw a profile of his wife. “I was shocked. I wondered if I should just delete it and find that nothing happened. I read her profile, it was her. Even have a photo where I cut,” explained a user. After reflection he decided to press like and it was mutual — Tinder proposed to start correspondence.

The man asked Council how he should discuss the situation with his wife. Many users noted that it would certainly be an interesting conversation. Nick noticed that the user himself should not have to regularly come into the application, even if he was lonely.

Earlier, the Tinder user said on Reddit that he incorrectly stated her gender in the application. Because of this, he could not find a mate for about two months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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