Meat eaters ate a raw squirrel to spite vegans and paid


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In the UK, the court sentenced the men who ate the raw squirrel on the front of the visitors vegan market in London. About it reports BBC News.

On the eve of the 22-year-old Dionisia Khlebnikov (Khlebnikov Deonisy) and 29-year-old Gatis of Lazdins (Gatis Lagzdins) were convicted of disturbing public order. On Tuesday, July 23, the court fined Khlebnikov 200 pounds (16 thousand rubles). The Lazdins, who has not appeared in court, was fined 400 pounds (32 thousand rubles).

The “choose Khlebnikov and Gatis Lagzdins claimed that oppose veganism and publicly absorbing crude protein, trying to raise awareness about the dangers of giving up meat,” said the court, the representative of the crown prosecution service Clins Natalie (Natalie Clines).

According to her, they did it in front of a stall with food for vegans on the eyes of passers-by, among whom were a child and didn’t pay attention to the comments. According to prosecutors, this indicates that Khlebnikov and Lagzdins deliberately intended to cause others negative emotions.

In March it was reported that Gatis Lagzdins, a leading YouTube channel under the pseudonym Sv3rige came to the vegan festival in Brighton and the English began to eat a pig’s head. He called it a protest, since veganism, in his words, is “human cruelty”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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