Mortgage holidays are allowed to execute repeatedly


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Russians will be able to take a mortgage vacation a few times, but under different loan agreements and subject to the conditions on the uniqueness of housing pledged as collateral. This was stated in an interview RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Oleg Ganeev.

Mortgage vacations will be granted only once for the mortgage, not the borrower, said Ganeev. In this house in wanting to make the holidays should be the only one. Thus, to take a breather for the second time will be entitled borrowers who sold first apartment, bought on credit, and re-apply for a mortgage to purchase real estate.

If the borrower has a share in the dwelling, not to exceed the minimum housing standards for a specific region, it when reviewing applications for mortgage holidays are not taken into account — that is purchased in a credit sale is still considered the only, the expert said.

Ghana stressed that within the same loan mortgage vacation can be register only once, and advised Russians who resort to such a measure, make the decision carefully. “Here, everyone must exercise personal responsibility in assessing the situation. For example, take advantage of the borrower now, and then you can have some more complex circumstances, and will no longer be possible”, — said the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank.

The law on mortgage vacation signed by President Vladimir Putin on may 1, 2019. It provides an opportunity to obtain a six-month deferral of loan payment for borrowers who are in difficult life situations (loss of a breadwinner, temporary incapacity, the recognition of the disabled of group I or II, the decline in family income of more than 30 percent). Rules apply for loans taken in roubles and in foreign currency. The maximum loan size in this case is set at 15 million rubles. To arrange holidays since July 31 of this year.

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