Posner has compared Hitler with the hero of the tale


www.vsyako.netVladimir Phosphate: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner to speculate about what people are capable of under the influence of strong leaders. In an interview about his new book, “German notebook”, he compared the attitude of people and authorities with the story of the German legend of the pied Piper. His statement given on the website “daily mail”.

Posner remembered a German tale about a pied Piper who rid the town of rats by playing a musical instrument: rodents bewitching melody, he forced them to go to the river and thus drowned them. According to legend, the mayor, which had promised the Savior of the city, mountains of gold, refused to pay him. After some time, the Piper took revenge on the townspeople, savoraim his game all the kids in town and their having withdrawn to the mountains.

According to the presenter, after watching the dramatization of this tale in Hameln he thought about its meaning. Posner asked myself, who is this Piper, which controls human actions. “For example, [the führer of the Third Reich Adolf] Hitler: the Piper? He played on his “tune”? After him went the German people?” — recounted his reflections broadcaster.

The journalist said that this story inspired him to make the argument that people can do such leaders and how they can become the victims of their “music”.

Previously, Posner acknowledged that he was ashamed of their actions committed in the past. In particular, the memory of the work of the Soviet propaganda makes it now to be guided by other principles at work.

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