Revealed details of threats against the murdered Russian LGBT activists


www.vsyako.netElena Grigorevnoj: NTV

LGBT activist and oppositionist Elena Grigorieva shortly before the murder had received threats. In particular, a radical homophobic Timur Bulatov allegedly wrote that he looked for women the coffin, and asked if the blade for attacks on homosexuals. About it “New newspaper” said activist Alexander Hmelev.

According to him, threats against Grigorieva crumbled after a woman in social networks told about their sexual orientation. So, Bulatov once sent her a photo of the blade with the inscription: “do you think, ******** (homosexuals — approx. “Of the”) stabbing the ******* (good — approx. “Of the”) be?”. Elena answered him: “all is still not pericolosi. Five percent of the population.” Later Bulatov called his companion creature and said that she was preparing.

In an interview with the publication Bulatov complained that Grigorieva herself had threatened him and his family with a firearm. “I actually approached them and said, “Either you help me now, or I take a sin on soul”. I have twice prayed to God that he delivered me from sin. He saved me from sin. They must suffer, they have to die to be an example of how not to live,” said the man.

He also noted that at the time Grigorieva was at home, and it can be confirmed and the wife and friends.

The lawyer of the LGBT group “coming out” Xenia Mikhailov said that against Grigorieva in a few months there were several crimes of a different sort, as she was reported to the police. On death threats, the investigator, according to her, said that threatening just crazy, and about the messages Bulatov waved his hand.

Earlier, on 23 July, “Fontanka” wrote that representatives of the Russian LGBT network, link the death of Elena Grigorieva with the homophobic activities of the project “Saw”. According to the publication, shortly before the murder she was put in “black list” of activists who were prepared “very dangerous and violent gifts”.

The body of Elena Grigorieva with signs of strangulation and multiple stab wounds to the face and back was found on the evening of 21 July in the bushes near her house in Pulkovskaya street in St Petersburg. In hot pursuit detained 40-the summer inhabitant of Bashkiria, the investigation considers a domestic conflict as a priority version.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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