Shooting of police officers by black criminals acquitted


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White cops in USA don’t shoot black offenders more often than other guards, despite the widespread prejudice. It found American sociologists that their findings published in the journal PNAS.

Researchers have created the first independent database, which brought death at the hands of law enforcement officers. According to them, it had to be done, as full statistics on the number of such incidents in the country is not going to. In their database there are data about race as the victims and the police and on the scene.

Sociologists have found that there is no evidence that white police officers used the weapon against blacks or Hispanics more often than blacks. According to them, employees of different races are equally likely to shoot in the civilian population, so the increase in diversity in the police is unlikely to reduce the disparities among the victims.

The researchers indicate that the probability of a black or Latino to die from the hands of the police due to the criminal situation in the district: officers often shooting at representatives of those groups that commit more crimes.

As noted by RIA Novosti, the study does not confirm the statements of the supporters of the movement Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”), acting against the violence against the black population. They believe that the police disproportionately kill innocent African Americans, guided by stereotypes.

“Our findings do not justify the odious actions of individual police officers (…) We do not say that racism is generally absent in the life of the United States. On the other hand, the data contradict the idea that white officers shoot more often in minorities”, — said David Johnson of the University of Maryland.

In February it was reported that the police of the American city of Baton Rouge in Louisiana was forced to apologize for the photo of their employees on which they are made-up by blacks. The picture was taken in 1993.

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