South Korea has threatened Russia with tough measures


www.vsyako.netTu-95МСФото: Victor Tolochko / RIA Novosti

The South Korean authorities promised Russia more stringent measures, if the aircraft again violated the airspace of the country. This is the Agency “Yonhap”.

According to him, the head of the national security administration Korean President Jeong Yy Yeung during the conversation with the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev warned Moscow of the consequences of further violations. “We take seriously the incident. If such an act again, South Korea will take much more stringent measures,” he said.

Earlier on July 23 in the chiefs of staff of South Korea said that one of the Russian aircraft violated the border of the country, both times while in its airspace for three minutes. Korean fighters have released a total of 20 flares and fired about 360 rounds per attacker.

Also about the violation of its airspace, said Japan, which considers the island of Dokdo (Japanese name Takeshima) its territory. In Tokyo said that the airspace was violated by Russian aircraft distant radar detection A-50, not the Tu-95 bomber. The authorities have declared the protest of Russia through diplomatic channels.

The defense Ministry indicated that strategic bombers-rocket carriers Tu-95MS had a scheduled flight and did not violate the border of Korea. The South Korean F-16 just shot off flares and flew away, “there is no warning, there was no fire”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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