The airline threw a sick child lying on the floor of the airport because of the delay


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The airline EasyJet threw suffocating from asthma girl on the floor of the airport, keeping her family on a plane because of the delay. It is reported by The Sun.

The incident occurred at London’s Gatwick airport. 10-year-old Abigail Campbell returned to the UK from Turkey with her parents and was going to fly out from London to his hometown of Douglas. According to her father, 45-year-old Keith Campbell, the family came to the departure gate three minutes before closing it due to the fact that on the way to it Abigail felt bad. Due to the extreme fatigue the child had to lie down on the floor of the terminal.

Keith Campbell was struck by the reaction of the airline staff on what is happening. “She lay on the floor, because you said so, and now you remove it for the camera because you want it,” said one of the workers and fled.

As a result, the Campbell family had two days to wait for the next flight.

The airline apologized to the passengers, they are paid on the next flight and two nights at the hotel. However, the representatives of EasyJet said that the Campbells came not three minutes before landing, and was late for 17.

In August 2016 six-year-old refused to let the plane of Emirates airlines, EN route from London to Dubai, because of allergies to nuts. When O’shea with his son and three daughters went into the cabin and informed the flight attendant about serious allergies to nuts Chester, a staff member said that the child can not fly this flight. According to steward, the aircraft commander didn’t want the boy died in the plane.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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