The best way to protect against bad tenants


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The rental contract concluded for the long term, better protects the owner from potential fraud than a short-term agreement with the tenant, said in the capital management of Federal registration service. The list of measures to help landlords to prevent damage or loss of real property, published on the Agency’s website.

Experts of rosreestra in the first place suggest to the owners to make agreements with tenants for a period of a year or more. In this case, the document shall be registered, accompanied by, including, checking data about the tenant. In addition, if the contract is registered, the Agency, if necessary, will notify the owner of possible misconduct with rental housing.

Within the building is also recommended to independently check the documents of potential tenants for accuracy. In addition, it is necessary to conclude a full agreement, indicating therein all the information about the apartment and the owner, payment terms, information about the responsibilities of the parties and the reasons for the possible termination of the agreement.

“To sign an agreement better complicated version of the signature with the decryption of the name — it can make possible scams procedure of forgery of the signature and handwriting of a possessor of real estate”, — explained in Department. In addition, as a preventive measure, the Registrar advises to periodically check the online property database for listings of apartments leased.

Earlier in July, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia should develop the market of rental housing. The head of government noted that the lease widespread in advanced economies.

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