The bride-to-be ridiculed for inappropriate underwear and a hat at the wedding


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @emma_rosenzweig

The bride-to-be ridiculed for inappropriate wedding ceremony appearance. It is reported by The Sun.

In Facebook community, and That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming (“I mock weddings”) there was a wedding photo Danish actress and model Emma Rosenzweig. The girl in the photo comes with a bouquet in transparent dress and huge hat of the fashion house Jacquemus.

Post placed in the wearer felt that the outfit of the actress does not match the event. “I put out the quirks of the rich people. They don’t know where to put money, while others make ends meet. The hat is obviously so absurd that I still laugh when I see these pictures,” he signed it publication.

Moreover, the woman criticized underwear Rosenzweig, which shone through lace dress. “Put at least a combination, or perhaps a beautiful lingerie under that incredible dress,” said she.

Other users shared the opinion of the author of the post. “So ridiculous. She’d looked beautiful in a white dress-combination and of course the hat is normal size,” wrote one of them. “Corporal lace dress with white underwear is still okay, but the hat is just killer. What the hell,” agreed another. “And where was the groom? Looking for great lingerie and a normal hat to his future wife?” — taunted the third.

Earlier in July, users of social networks are abused in an inappropriate outfit another bride. In the same group appeared a photo of a girl in a white dress on which tightened the black corset. Moreover, in the picture she is wearing black sandals-flip-flops and holding a cigarette. Next to the bride in the picture captured her friend. She poses in a corset like harness, to the strap which fastened the handcuffs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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