The death of Dyatlov’s group explained the rare Northern disease


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Members of the group under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov could have been killed in 1959 on the Kholat syakhl mountain because of some strange and rare disease which has been known to the peoples of the North. About it URA.RU said the researcher from Nizhny Tagil Basil mekhonoshin.

According to him, he spoke to the staff of the Murmansk Arctic University and they learned about the disease that Pomors are called “Mariacka” the Eskimos “call of the Polar star”, the Saami are “Emerick”, the Yakut shaman nasyam, and some scientists and physicians of the last century called Arctic hysteria. The common name for this disease — generic.

“The disease manifests itself in the fact that people are temporarily disconnected from the real perception of the surrounding — they hear voices, sounds, see angels, or a beautiful female face, at the same time repeat the movement. There is evidence of sudden departures to the North as much as the camps of the Northern peoples that left burning homes and crying babies,” wrote mekhonoshin in his letter to the editor.

He noted that it is a mental illness is formed in conditions of cold and lack of light. She was able to appear among tourists at a time when they are faced with bad weather. The man believes that this disease can be explained by the fact that Dyatlova behaved inappropriately before his death, threw things and ran away from the tents, despite the cold, the darkness and strong winds.

“The awakening of the tourists from this condition could occur at the foot of the mountains, around cedar, and at the same time not at all. Assuming that it happened just so, you can imagine the horror that gripped people when he awoke, found themselves in the night half-naked in the woods, in the cold, away from the tent,” added mekhonoshin.

Nine tourists from Dyatlov’s group was lost in the Sverdlovsk region in the vicinity of the mountain Kholat syakhl at the beginning of 1959, presumably on the night of 2 February. Still not found out the cause of their death, there are about 80 versions of what happened, from the absurd to the realistic kind of bad training and incorrect actions during an avalanche in the tent.

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