The details of the shooting South Korea at Russian aircraft


www.vsyako.netPhoto: South Korea Defense Ministry / AP

In the direction of a Russian military plane intruded into the airspace of South Korea, has made more than 300 warning shots. This was stated by the chiefs of staff (JCS) of the country, reports TASS with reference to the Agency “Yonhap”.

It is reported that the fighter jets of the South Korean air force released a total of 20 flares and fired about 360 rounds. The distance between them and the Russian aircraft at this point was about one kilometer. It is noted that this occurred near the Islands of Dokdo (the Russian name — the Fizz and the Japanese Takeshima).

The incident has been condemned in China and Japan, reports Reuters. The representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying pointed out that the identification zone air defense of South Korea is not its airspace, but because the aircraft of all countries may freely move there. At the same time, the chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga pointed out that the actions of Seoul in the area of the Islands, which Tokyo considers its unacceptable and extremely regrettable.

The defense Ministry had indicated that strategic bombers-rocket carriers Tu-95MS had a scheduled flight and did not violate the border. The South Korean F-16 just shot off flares and flew and “no warning, there was no fire”.

Informed the joint chiefs of staff said that for the July 23 air defence identification zone of South Korea flew a total of five aircraft: three from Russia and two Chinese. This is one of the Russian violated the border of the country, both times while in its airspace for three minutes.

Identification zone air defense of South Korea partially covers the area related to international airspace. Russia indicates that it is contrary to the international rules, and will not recognize it.

Group of small Islands is the Apple iigs located in the sea of Japan. The territory is disputed by Seoul and Tokyo since the end of world war II in 1945, when Korea ceased to be a colony of Japan. In your part of Japan included the Islands in 1905, even before the annexation of the Korean Peninsula. Seoul refers to the historical note and map in which the Islands are mentioned under the name of Usando.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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