The family chained the boy called prosperous



The family of 10-year-old boy whose parents have been kept on a chain in the barn, is prosperous, and secure. This was stated by the head Velikovechnenskogo rural settlement of Krasnodar territory Igor Nazarov, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, the parents of the child never came into the view of law enforcement. The victim does well at school, and his father often took him to extra classes. Nazarov also said that the boy’s father tried to become an MP in Belorechensk. “He’s smart, not stupid, not drunk. Clean dressed, clean-shaven, a good car,” he said.

The village leader also stated that the boy told different versions of how it turned out in the shed. According to him, the child first said that sits on the chain year, but the neighbors regularly saw him in the garden and on the street with his younger brother. Also the boy allegedly did not miss school.

“Doctors said the child no harm no, no bruising. The psychologists talked with him. First, he said that he sits a year, and then said, “No, my dad was punished on a chain he never planted.” Although the chain was on him,” — said Nazarov.

Earlier, on 23 July, the father of the baby said that had him on a chain, for security reasons. 46-year-old man said that on the day when the boy managed to escape, he had to rush to the hospital pregnant wife. He took with him in the car, the younger son, but did not know what to do with the older, from his first marriage.

About the abuse of a child became known yesterday, July 22. According to “Yugopolis”, the inhabitants of the village Belorechensk district of the City I saw in the store the boy with a padlock on the neck. He was helped to escape and was sent to the hospital. The villagers also said that the day the boy worked in the garden, and at night he was chained by a chain in the barn and locked. The investigators launched an investigation of the incident.

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