The guy wrote the former before their wedding and became a hero in the network


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Wearer Twitter named Alex has published on his page a message from a former boyfriend that he sent her on the eve of his wedding. The frankness of the guy admired her followers and made the author a star network.

The young man said, whether this phone number is his former girlfriend and introduced himself. “Oh, what the hell! What happened, man?” — said Alex. In response, she received a great letter of thanks and compliments.

Ex-boyfriend said that he is getting married tomorrow, and I wanted to write the girl with the consent of his bride. “Thank you for what was my first love. Thank you for always supporting me, thank you for protecting from trouble, thank you for the times that you cared about me when I was sick or depressed. Thank you for your love to me,” he wrote.

The author of the letter said that Alex only wants love and happiness, because she has an “amazing heart.” He told her to find a man who will deserve such an incredible woman like her, and every day to prove to her his loyalty and love. “You deserve that and even more”, — he said.

In recognition of the girls, she didn’t know how to respond to that message. The publication scored 96 thousand retweets and 420 thousand likes. Commentators from around the world admired the act of a young man and called him his hero. “This must be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read,” said one user, noting that both the character of the correspondence — the beautiful people. Many have called the message of the Frank adult thing to do.

However, some users took the message with suspicion. “He still loves you,” they concluded. The number of users supported this view, stressing that such reports on the eve of the wedding was sent only to the beloved people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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