The health Ministry questioned the safety of electronic cigarettes


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The Ministry of health stated that electronic cigarettes can not be considered as a safer alternative to traditional Smoking. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagai, reports TASS.

“You have to remember that electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine and also cause addiction. But at present, scientific data do not suggest that these products can definitely be used as a means of quitting tobacco. This conclusion scientists do not give”, — he said.

According to him, scientists fear that electronic cigarettes in the same way can lead to nicotine addiction as conventional cigarettes. He added that they also contains several other equally dangerous substances.

Salagay also noted that according to statistics, the prevalence of e-cigarettes among smokers of Russians over the age of 16 has increased. Thus, according to the National research center for preventive medicine, in 2016, the figure was about 3.5 percent in 2017 — for 9 percent.

The Deputy Minister supported the bill on amendments to the Federal law “On protection of citizens from impact of ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption”, which is proposed to extend including on electronic cigarette. If the bill is passed, the Smoking of electronic cigarettes in Russia also will result in administrative responsibility.

In Russia to 2024 will be implemented the national project “Health”, which in total is planned to spend more than 1.7 trillion rubles, 969 billion of them — to fight cancer. Smoking causes 90 percent of cancer, and also leads to the development of coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, said in Rospotrebnadzor informed.

The formation of the Russians of the system of motivation to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is one of the goals of the national project “Demography”. Other objectives of the project are to reduce mortality rate, ensuring more education of citizens approaching retirement age, and to increase the availability of preschool education.

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