The killer virus has forced meat lovers to change his diet


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Because of the epidemic of African swine fever that struck China, meat prices have jumped and forced the world’s largest consumer of meat to look for alternative sources of food. The country is breaking records on the import of pork and at the same time going for beef, reports Bloomberg.

In June 2019, the PRC broke the record for imports: the purchase of pork abroad increased in June to 63 per cent (160,5 thousand tons) compared to last year. Despite the fact that the human virus is safe, meat-lovers decided to revise their preferences in favor of beef, specifies Agency. This meat provides Chinese Australia (demand from China increased the exports to 1.16 million tonnes, shipments increased by 55 per cent), another source was South America. For example, Brazil in the first half of 2019 exported to China on average of 24 thousand tons per month. If the Chinese authorities will agree to deliver with two dozen Brazilian companies export increase to 70 thousand tons per month.

The virus of African swine fever was first recorded in China in the past year. Experts believe that speech can go about such a global threat, as China concentrated about half the world’s pigs. By the end of June 2019 in Asia (including China, Vietnam, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Cambodia and Mongolia) in the epidemic killed more than three million animals.

July Achs struck two farms in the Chinese province of Guangxi, another focus of infection was recorded on a farm in Sichuan province. According to the Ministry of agriculture of the country, the number of pigs fell by more than a quarter (26 percent) from 2018, the number of breeding sows decreased by 27 percent.

African swine fever is a viral disease that has a very high ability to spread. It is harmless to humans, but deadly for animals. In the case of source of infection total destruction of diseased livestock. Medications yet.

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