Tourists swim in the toxic lake for photos for social networks and laid up in the hospital


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @izzyandtai

Tourists swim in the toxic lake for a spectacular photo for social networks and ended up in the hospital. It is reported by The Sun.

The traveler, whose name was not disclosed, plunged into the lake of Monte Neme, located in Galicia, Spain. “I plunged into the water, because she was beautiful,” she explained, describing a pond with blue water. She also added that near the lake is not worth a single sign prohibiting swimming. After the swim tourist suffered nausea and skin irritation. However, according to her, it was worth it.

In addition, from the waters of Monte Neme suffered and popular Spanish blogger Uxia. Swim, for two weeks she suffered from allergic rashes.

According to the doctor, hospital of a coruña Manuel Ferreira, a short stay in a toxic water of the lake causes irritation to skin and eyes, and longer leads to diseases of the stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.

Currently, local environmental organization Salvemos Cabana insists on limiting the access of tourists to the lake.

Earlier in July it was reported that lake Monte Neme has become a popular tourist attraction. It was formed in place of the tungsten mine. Raw materials from the mine was used to manufacture light bulbs and hardening steel. The pond was nicknamed “Spanish Maldives” and “Galician Chernobyl”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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