A drunken passenger was maimed eight-year-old child on Board the plane


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mike Blake / Reuters

Drunk passenger crippled child on Board the aircraft of the airline Virgin Atlantic. Reported by the Mirror.

The incident occurred during the flight Miami — London. 20 minutes after take-off 51-year-old Louise Dixon from Wales began to behave aggressively and swung in behind the woman. In addition, it with the power launched into an eight year old boy a water-filled bottle and struck him on the head.

When crew members tried to stop deboshirki, she lashed out at them with his fists and spat in the face of another passenger. They managed to knock down kicking Dixon on the floor and handcuff her in which she spent an entire six hour flight.

In the end, Dixon was arrested and now she faces prison.

Earlier in July, the passenger of the American Airlines plane hit the guy with the laptop at the head of jealousy to the traveler. The girl was angry with the young man due to the fact that it is too long for looked at another. She began to scream and insult him. The stewardess tried to calm the couple, saying that next to them sit small children, but this did not stop them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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