A new defendant in the case about the murder of the GRU special forces arrested in Armenia


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In Armenia arrested who were wanted by Interpol the defendant in a criminal case about the murder in the fight of former member of spetsnaz GRU Nikita Belyankina. About this “Interfax” reported the press service of the Prosecutor General of Armenia.

Man taken into custody at the request of Russia for 40 days. Due to the fact that the arrested is a citizen of Armenia, the Prosecutor General’s office of this country has asked Russian law enforcement agencies materials for his prosecution at home.

“Rosbalt” reported that the man owns the restaurant “Bierhaus”. He outlined his version of what happened. According to him June 1, his school was celebrating the birthday of one of the guests. The waitress informed him that the violent behavior of two drunken patrons. The restaurant owner brought them to the street, he was helped by other visitors. Near the house the boor proceeded to sort things out, and at that moment a man appeared with a gun, Belyankin and started shooting. Restaurant guests assumed it was a friend of the brawlers. A fight broke out.

After the incident, the restaurant owner immediately bought plane tickets and flew to Armenia, fearing the consequences.

Corporal GRU 24-year-old Nikita Belyankin was killed by a knife in the heart during the mass brawl in the village Putilkovo, Krasnogorsk district, Moscow region. He intervened in a brawl, seeing as a few people of Caucasian appearance beat two Slavs. He did shot up from a traumatic pistol Streamer 2014, however, the participants of the fight attacked him, one of them stabbed him in the chest. Belyankin died on the spot.

According to investigators, the fatal blow struck 41-year-old Sergei Gajanan. June 5, he was arrested for two months. Also in the case of the murder of Belyankina detained eight of the ten participants in the brawl.

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