Announcer gave up a career to work fire, and had the reputation of a madman


www.vsyako.netBecky Barret: BBC

Leading broadcast news North West Tonight on TV channel “bi-Bi-si” Becky Barr (Beccy Barr) said he will throw 20-year career in journalism to work for the firefighting and rescue service. She announced this on Twitter.

41-year-old journalist said that was a difficult selection and are ready in September to start a new job. “I’m so excited and scared of this new challenge!” she confessed.

In comments to “bi-Bi-si” the anchorwoman said that she likes to be a journalist, but she is ready to change and learning new skills from scratch. “It is a great privilege when people tell you their stories and trust to tell them — that’s what I’ll miss most,” she concluded.

According to Barr, at this stage of her life, she decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Roy, who has worked in fire service for 20 years. She admitted that the father does not give her in this matter, any advice, because I thought that she was crazy, thinking such a radical change in your life.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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