Authorities responded to the words of a “second Chernobyl”



Authorities in Irkutsk region are unable to eliminate the pollution on the territory of the bankrupt chemical company “Usoliekhimprom” because of the lack of authority. This issue needs to be addressed the Ministry of natural resources, said in a statement the government of the region.

The Agency acknowledged that the company causes environmental damage, but to remove contamination only after the approval of the Federal authorities. The Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Irkutsk region Andrey Kryuchkov said that proposals for the elimination of the shop mercury electrolysis was sent to the Ministry of natural resources. In particular, it was proposed to include the clean-up of the plant in the Federal project “Pure country” to 2019-2021 years.

In response the Ministry stated that it will Finance the project only after the government would specify the necessary sum and after entering the territory of the enterprise in the state register of objects of accumulated environmental damage (GROVES).

“The government of the Irkutsk region twice sent the application and materials to the Ministry of natural resources for inclusion in GROVES and was refused due to the fact that the shop mercury electrolysis geographically located at the industrial site of another existing business entity. Only after the completion of the bankruptcy procedure of LLC “Usol’ekhimprom” and his final disposition of the object can be included in GROVES”, — stated in the message.

Earlier on July 24, head Rosprirodnadzora Svetlana Radionova said that Russia could face a global environmental disaster, if not solve the problem of reclaiming the territory of “Usol’ekhimprom”. According to her, the threat to carry a huge amount of mercury-containing residues and contaminated mercury production, remains chemically hazardous substances, including under pressure. The damage will be commensurate with the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, said Radionova.

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