Gordon Ramsay has responded to a barrage of criticism from eating Guinea pigs


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British chef Gordon Ramsay has responded to the criticism in social networks due to the fact that he ate cooked Guinea pigs. This writes the Independent.

In his new documentary series for National Geographic Ramsay visited the 52-year-old chef from Peru. During the trip he ate a whole plate of Guinea pig, cooked in different ways.

“You don’t know what you’re missing. I’m telling you, it’s delicious,” commented a dish Ramsay, noting that the taste of the delicacy reminiscent of suckling pig. Cook also sorry that can’t include the Guinea pig in the menu of your restaurant because of this, it can be fired.

The audience brought down on him a storm of criticism on Twitter. The lady under the name Sabrina Zombies listed her as the mistress of Guinea pigs viewing of the new show Ramsay was difficult, although she understands that people eat very different dishes around the world. Another user said that his mother left the room while eating a chef Guinea pig.

Ramsay responded to the comments of the article, where he described the meat of Guinea pigs as delicious and added: “the worms too, if you treat them right”. Some commenters supported the cooks. One of them said that “meat is meat” and the other said he liked the dish of Guinea pig, and advised him to trust the wizard.

Gordon Ramsay is a famous chef, restaurateur and TV presenter in the UK. In April 2007, the readers of the British men’s magazine Esquire has named him a man, much admired by visitors.

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